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My alarm company installed a cell phone to handle the alarm system and Ooma handles the 911 issue.You can also make calls to any US phone number.

The NetTalk Duo borrows elements from its competitors, the MagicJack and the Ooma Telo, to offer inexpensive, computer-optional landline-alternative phone service.When you register your Ooma device online, you will get to pick a new phone number in any area code in the US.

If you would like to transfer your existing phone number to Ooma, do not disconnect your phone service until the number transfer has been confirmed. 4 Ooma E911service operates differently from non-Internet 9service.This can be another great option for cell phone users, because you can put all your international calling through Ooma as opposed to one international plan for cell phones and one plan for your home phone.Calculate how much you can save your business. with Ooma Office.I am at that point where I get very few calls on my home phone.I am not bundled with internet and tv, and I just want to keep the number.

My CL84102 handset works flawlessly with the Telo and both the wired base station as well as the wireless handset function as they would with a traditional telephone service.This simple box plugs into your router and gives you instant landline voice telephone service, complete with a brand-new phone number.So I just bought an Ooma telo, and activated it on their website.

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In the interim, keep your old SIM in your phone so you can continue to use it to make calls and send texts.

With Ooma, you can make calls, but you still have to touch your phone unless you own Echo Connect.It took 2 weeks coming in (seen below), was told up to 10 business days for moving out as well, back when I initiated the migration on Mon Feb 24 2014.Get a Vanity Phone Number Find the perfect memorable phone number.I bought the phone porting thing from Ooma, and put in my information to do so.OOMA will also let you keep your existing number, and they even support simultaneous calls.The set-up and number porting was super simple, and our call quality through Ooma has been as good or better than what we had with Vonage.

Mar 04 2014 Update: Still waiting for phone number migration from Ooma to Cox Communications.This means you can keep your current phone number and enjoy the assurance of traditional 911 service and seamless coverage during Internet and power outages.

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If you would like to check if Ooma can transfer (port) your existing phone number to our service, please enter the first 3 digits of your phone number.

I can call it from a Sprint phone and other landline phones but not from Verizon wireless.

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They claim this feature will never let your customers hear a busy signal, but instead roll over calls will be sent straight to your voice mail.

You can find what type of sim card you need after confirming.With Ooma, you can select a new phone number in almost any calling area.From our virtual receptionist to extension dialing, the features go on and on.As mentioned, you do not need to keep your landline (instructions on this were vague when I purchased my unit).In most cases, yes, Ooma can transfer (port) your existing phone number to Ooma.

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